Nieves Guillem Nau
Realistic painting

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Nieves G. Nau


Personal Details
Born in Madrid (1957).
Degree in fine arts at the San Fernando School.
State award granted by the San Fernando School.
First prize drawing. VI Contest. Madrid landscape.
Second prize drawing. VII Contest. Madrid landscape.

Individual Exposure Paintings
Showroom Painting at the San Fernando School. Madrid.
Peñalver Gallery. Madrid.
Macarrón Gallery. Madrid.
Serrano Garden. Madrid.
City Gallery. Terrassa.
Sira Gallery. Barcelona.
Showroom Painting at Caixa Laietana. Mataró

Collective Exposure Paintings
Sala de exposiciones de la Escuela de San Fernando. Madrid
Igualada Cultural Center.
Mostra d'Art. Lleida.
Aillaud-Serre Comillon Galery. France.
Caldes d'Estrac Cultural Center.
Arenys de Munt City Showroom.
Province Galery. León.
Caixa Laietana Athenaeum
Miramar Building. Sitges.
Cultural Center. Begur.

Stand out works
Cultural product designer for museums:
- Museo del Prado (Madrid).
- Prado Museum (Madrid).
- Thyssen Museum (Madrid).
- Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao).
- Miró Foundation Museum of Barcelona.
- Victoria and Albert Museum (London).


During my studies I had the opportunity to count on Antonio López, an exceptional teacher, who caused an extraordinary influence on me.

I've always loved to thoroughly observe the nature and my nearest environment; the simplicity of those little things that I find in my way; dry roots shining under the sun, details that can seem to be not transcendental to others but that cause a deep admiration to me when I find them or when I look all over for them trying always to express a feeling.

I believe that painting is to seek these emotions, to grab them and materialize them. It is probably the desire to catch life and be one in its widest sense.